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My Academic Interests


I am a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society and a Fellow of the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music. My academic interest lie in the ways in which artists and theologians make known the Good News in the Reformation and pre-Enlightenment periods, centring in particular on the work of J.S. Bach. Below is a selection of my writings:


Pre-publication previews and abstracts of my most recent work can be viewed on my Academia profile.


Books and Articles

Johann Sebastian Bach’s St John Passion (BWV 245): A Theological Commentary, Studies in the History of Christian Traditions (Leiden: Brill, 2014).

‘“Musica optima est”: Martin Luther’s Theory of Music’, Music and Letters (2013).

‘Why do Lutherans sing? Lutherans, Music and the Gospel in the first century of the Reformation’, Church History 82.1 (2013).

“Constituting angels and mortals in a wonderful order: George Gilbert Scott Junior’s Sanctuary in St Michael’s Church Cambridge”, Ecclesiology Today 46 (2011).

“God’s Capellmeister: The Proclamation of Scripture in the Music of Johann Sebastian Bach”, Pacifica 24.2 (2011).

“Proclaiming the Passion: Popular Drama and the Passion Tradition in Luther’s Germany”, Reformation and Renaissance Review 10.1 (2010).

“Michaelhouse: Hervey de Stanton’s Cambridge Foundation”, Church History 90.4 (2010).

“Cambridge’s Collegiate Crisis: King Henry VIII and the Suppression of Colleges, 1546”, Reformation and Renaissance Review 11.2 (2009).

“La Escuela de la Misión Araucana: Facets in the Story of the Anglican Mission to Central Chile, 1854-1962”, Dutch Review of Church History 84 (2004).

Richard Smyth and the Language of Orthodoxy: Re-imagining Tudor Catholic Polemicism, Studies in Medieval and Reformation Thought XCVI (Leiden: Brill, 2003).

“Peter Martyr Vermigli and Richard Smyth’s De Votis Monasticis, in: Emidio Campi, ed., Peter Martyr Vermigli: Humanism, Republicanism, Reformation (Geneva: Droz, 2002).

“Facite quod fieri: Catholic Exegesis during the Council of Trent”, Reformation and Renaissance Review 5 (2001).

“The Oxford Disputation revisited”, in: Alfred Schindler and Hans Sickelberger, eds., Die Zürcher Reformation, Zürcher Beiträge zur Reformationsgeschichte 18 (Berne: Lang, 2000).

“Richard Smyth and the Foundation of the University of Douai”, Dutch Review of Church History 79 II (1999).

Book Reviews

“John Shelby Spong: Eternal Life, a New Vision”, The Melbourne Anglican (July 2010).

“Luca Baschera: Tugend und Rechtfertigung, Peter Martyr Vermiglis Kommentar zur Nikomachischen Ethik im Spannungsfeld von Philosophie und Theologie”, The Journal of Ecclesiastical History 61 (2010).

“Gary Jenkins: John Jewel and the English National Church”, The Catholic Historical Review, 94.2 (2008).

“John Edwards and Ronald Truman, eds.: Reforming Catholicism in the England of Mary Tudor”, The Journal of Theological Studies 58.2 (2007).

“David Bagchi and David Steinmetz, eds.: The Cambridge Companion to Reformation Theology”, The Journal of Theological Studies 58.1 (2007).

“Stephen E. Buckwalter, ed.: Martin Bucer, Martini Buceri Omnia Opera, Series I: Deutsche Schriften, Vol. 8: Abendmahlsschriften 1529-41”, The Journal of Ecclesiastical History 57 (2006).

“Nicholas Thompson: Eucharistic Sacrifice and Patristic Tradition in the Theology of Martin Bucer”, The Journal of Ecclesiastical History 57 (2006).

“Erika Rummel: The Confessionalization of Humanism in Reformation Germany”, The Journal of Theological Studies NS 52.2 (2001).

“Lucy Wooding: Rethinking Catholicism in Reformation England”, The Journal of Theological Studies 52.2 (2001).

“Thomas F. Mayer: Reginald Pole: Prince and Prophet”, Dutch Review of Church History 81.2 (2001).

“Ashley Null: Thomas Cranmer’s Doctrine of Repentance: Renewing the Power to Love”, Dutch Review of Church History 81.1 (2001).

Contributions to the Oxford New Dictionary of National Biography:

John Boste, William Blandy, Walter Calverley, John Coxe, Dru Drury, Henry Dudley, George Etherege, James Fenn, William Filby, Thomas Forde, John Fortescue, William Harris, Thomas Harrison, Thomas Holland, Peter Morwen, Robert Pember, John Shepreve, William Shepreve, Richard Smyth, William Tooker, Ralph Vane.

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